About Us

The Patchwork Collective is a family philanthropic effort supporting locally-led solutions to global challenges. We fund diverse, bold, community-driven organizations and leaders across social equity, global health, and climate justice.

Our Approach is Simple

The work our partner organizations do demands nuanced sectoral knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of the communities they serve. Because of this, we approach grant making with trust and humility, understanding that our grantees have the specialized knowledge to do the work efficiently, effectively, and equitably.  ​​

We do away with onerous one-size-fits all grant proposals and progress reports. Instead, we seek to meet with, understand, and nurture relationships with each one of our partner organizations on a case-by-case basis. Though the problems we hope to tackle are complex, our approach is simple. ​

Establish a Relationship

We find organizations with exceptional potential that work across climate justice, global health, and social equity.​

Catalytic Giving & Support

We provide funding, connections, and support to these organizations during pivotal moments of growth, ensuring that their projects — and the communities they serve — can reach their full potential.​

Post-Grant Engagement

We continue to nurture these relationships even after funding has been disbursed. The work is not over, so why should the relationship be?​

“We feel a responsibility to give—and to give with urgency. We know we cannot wait on climate change, cannot sleep on injustice, and cannot close our eyes to global health emergencies. And we do not intend to. If we believe in justice and equity, it is our duty to redistribute our wealth, and we want to encourage others to join us.”
Marie & Benoit Dageville
Founders, The Patchwork Collective

Our Values

Our four core values — equity, trust, connection, and human-centered—ground everything we do, from the partners we work with to the programs we support.


Equity is the thread that ties each of our three pillars together: Global Health, Social Equity, and Climate Justice. Equity is different from equality, where everyone gets an equal share of the pie. Equity is not about equal division but instead about giving each individual what they need to survive and succeed based on where they are and where they want to be.

  • Global Health Equity means no one is precluded from good health based on their race, income, or location.
  • Social Equity means gender, sexuality, race and other dimensions of a person’s identity no longer determine their socioeconomic outcome.
  • Climate Equity means the just distribution of climate protection and conservation to alleviate the unequal degradation created by climate change.


We believe in the power of connection. To effectively address societal-scale issues like racial inequity and climate injustice, we need to work together—leveraging knowledge, pooling resources, and sharing best practices. Too often, well-intentioned but siloed efforts fail to endure, scale, or generate long-term impact. At The Patchwork Collective, we’re continually looking to build connections to help advance our vision for a more equitable world.


Above all, our work is human-centered. Whether we’re funding climate justice, global health, or social equity, we put people’s needs, rights, livelihoods, and happiness first. And we look for organizations and partners that do the same. We look toward impacted communities and local leaders, because designing real solutions begins with understanding the problems real people face.  


We practice trust-based philanthropy so we can shift agency and power back to local communities. When it comes to solving global health challenges, social inequities, and climate injustice, we know we don’t have the answers—the impacted communities do. Our duty as The Patchwork Collective is to trust that our grantees have the specialized knowledge to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and equitably.

We know we don’t have all the answers, and so we trust our grantees to use their specialized and proximate knowledge to do what needs to be done—without strict reporting and oversight.