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Climate Justice

We empower local communities most impacted by the climate crisis, giving them the resources, training, and tools needed to protect their communities and our planet.

Climate change through a human-centered lens

At The Patchwork Collective, we think about climate change through a human-centered lens and champion leaders and organizations who do the same.

We see climate justice as the intersection of climate change and social equity. From food insecurity and desertification to air pollution and ocean acidification, the negative effects of climate change are unevenly distributed, and those who suffer most are usually those who contribute least to the climate crisis. We aim to fix this.

We look for climate solutions that are designed, implemented, and sustained by the very groups most disproportionately impacted by climate change: low-income communities, people of color, indigenous people, people with disabilities, older or very young people, and women and girls. We’ve seen the most ambitious, powerful, and sustainable solutions to climate change come from communities and local leaders on-the-ground. We aim to provide them with the resources, connections, and power they need to improve their lives and fight climate injustice.

Women farmers of Biowatch, South Africa examine grain

An indigenous man protecting seed sovereignty in Peru.

Grantee Spotlight: CLIMA Fund

Climate change is ravaging people and the planet. Without immediate action, we will lose the cultural and ecological diversity required to survive.

But answers exist. And the most ambitious solutions are coming from those who are most impacted by but least responsible for climate change: Indigenous Peoples, women, youth, and peasants. Despite this, these communities often lack the resources and power necessary to make change a reality. That’s where CLIMA Fund comes in.

CLIMA Fund is a collaboration between Global Green grants Fund, Grassroots International, Thousand Currents, and Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights that gives philanthropists a simple and effective way to invest in grassroots climate change movements. They’ve regranted millions in hyper-local, grassroots organizations and individuals working on everything from tackling climate-related food insecurity in Haiti to reclaiming ancestral lands in Guatemala.

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“The proximity of millions of grassroots leaders - Indigenous Peoples, women, youth, and peasants - to the impacts of the climate crisis makes them best positioned to advance solutions that are just, equitable, and inclusive. The CLIMA Fund is resourcing movement groups that ensure humanity protects the cultural and ecological diversity we need to survive and thrive.”
Lindley Mease
CLIMA Fund Director at Thousand Currents