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Social Equity

We support myriad dimensions of social equity but prioritize gender equity, education and economic opportunity, and criminal justice reform.

Equity permeates everything we do

Equity permeates everything we do, whether we’re investing in BIPOC leaders championing criminal justice reform, women pastoralists demanding protection of their land rights, or first-generation parents fighting for equal access to educational support.

We view equity as related to but different from equality. Social equity is not about everyone getting an equal division of medicine, food, or opportunity. It’s about each individual getting what they need to survive and succeed based on where they are and where they want to be.

At The Patchwork Collective, we believe true social equity can only be achieved when power is given directly to communities. We don’t invest in programs “listening to” and “designing for” impacted communities…we fund impacted communities directly so they can create the solutions they want and need.

State Assembly member Reggie Jones-Sawyer meets a UC Irvine Lifted program participant at RJ Donovan State Prison

State lawmakers pose for a photo during a visit to RJ Donovan State Prison’s EchoYard

Grantee Spotlight: Smart Justice California

Smart Justice California educates and emboldens policymakers who support meaningful criminal justice reforms that promote safety, fairness and healthy communities. Through its Get Proximate Program, SJCA brings people with political, cultural, and financial power in dialogue with currently and formerly incarcerated people through well-curated prison visits and community gatherings.

Since Get Proximate’s launch in 2021, SJCA has brought over 250 people on over a dozen visits to prisons – from Norway to Pelican Bay in the far northern California coast and RJ Donovan at the southern border – and reentry campuses with the goal of uplifting the humanity of justice impacted people, and demonstrating the role that their journeys toward healing, accountability, and rehabilitation play in enhancing community safety and well-being.

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"As a formerly incarcerated person myself, I am deeply proud to lead Smart Justice California’s Get Proximate program. Beyond shedding light on the flawed and unjust design of our justice system and centering the experiences of justice impacted people, Get Proximate offers incarcerated people a powerful ray of hope that they are not forgotten.”
Philip Melendez
Director of Special Projects, Smart Justice California