Announcing the Recipients of the $12M Maternal & Infant Health Award!

Global Health

We invest in organizations and local leaders that deliver safe, equitable, and affordable healthcare to overlooked communities.

Improved global health is about more than just equal access to healthcare.

A person's health and wellbeing is often determined by their gender, race, location, and other dimensions of their identity that should not play a role.

At The Patchwork Collective, we take an equity approach to global health and believe that everyone has a fundamental right to health, regardless of where they live and what their race, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality may be. 

Improved global health is more than equal access to healthcare. It’s about identifying the underlying inequities that inhibit individuals and communities from achieving comparable health outcomes, even when access is equal. To truly achieve global health equity, we need to give power back to local communities to design the health and well being solutions they want and need. 

Nurse Gayathri delivers a Care Companion Program (CCP) session at the Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences in Karnataka, India.

A patient, caregiver, and newborn share a tender moment during a Care Companion Program (CCP) session in Punjab, India.

Grantee Spotlight: Noora Health

Noora Health aims to improve health outcomes and strengthen health systems by equipping patients and their loved ones with essential caregiving skills. Working across 400+ health facilities in India and Bangladesh and rapidly growing, Noora Health turns hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms to deliver fit-for-purpose, high-quality training on post-surgical, post-delivery, and general care, then follows up with families at home using mobile messaging technologies.

To date, Noora Health's programs have reached nearly 3 million patients and caregivers. Noora Health was named a 2022 TED Audacious Project grantee and recipient of the 2022 Skoll Award for Social Innovation.

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"This work is about honoring one of the most ancient human practices— helping those we love. It's about seeing compassion and community as essential medicines."
Edith Elliott
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, NooraHealth